We Offer Several Services For Our Customers


Conventional Cleaning:

  • Handguns $30.00 per gun
  • Long guns $40.00 per gun

Ultrasonic firearm cleaning:
This type of cleaning gets into every important crevice, cleaning and lubricating your firearm. Great for firearms that are very overdue for cleaning! Our sales associates will determine if your firearm can be safely cleaned this way.

  • Handguns $40.00 for one, $20 each additional (up to 4 total)
  • Long guns $50 for one, $20 for one additional

Costs vary for each of the following, please contact us.

We Offer On-Site Upgrades & Repairs such as:

  • Sight Installation = free installation of any sights purchased here at our West Springfield store, or we will install your provided sights for a fee
  • Scope mounting / Sighting
  • Trigger work on many models of firearms; M&P pistols, S&W revolvers, Sig SRT kits, Glock upgrades
  • Stock Pinning and Muzzle Device Pinning, and more!!!

S&W, Sig Sauer, & Glock Armorers on Staff

For more complicated gun repairs, we do send out guns to our full-time gunsmith located just a few towns over! Just drop off your gun at Guns Inc. and we will see if we can help you out! 738 Main Street, West Springfield, MA.