Guns Inc. can assist you with the process of transferring ownership of a firearm. We can transfer a Massachusetts compliant firearm from one owner to another at our store. We can ship your firearms from our store to another FFL anywhere in the contiguous 48 US states (all state laws apply). We also will receive Massachusetts compliant firearms for you to pick up after completing a background check.

To begin the process:

  • Read our Transfer Guidelines to confirm the firearm you want is compliant.
  • Download our Transfer Form and follow the instructions.
  • E-mail your completed form to (Attn: TRANSFER for the subject, please!) or fax to 413-731-7630.
  • If the firearm needs to be shipped, an additional fee of $35.00 per handgun or $30.00 per long guns will apply. Insurance is also available at $10 for every $300 of declared value. Additional fees may apply for shipping to destinations that require additional paperwork.
  • If a gun is not compliant and cannot be transferred, all fees will apply to return it.